Monday, October 04, 2010

The benefits of executive coaching for leadership development and improving people management

Are you the boss of your own company or department?

Are you managing a team of employees?

Are you expected to know all the answers?

What happens when you don’t?

Who do you turn to?

You cannot be expected to know all of the answers, all of the time and what’s more, you must not be too hard on yourself if you don’t. There are always answers, it is just a matter of finding the right ones and implementing them properly. Often gaining a different perspective on a situation will help to resolve it.

This is where executive coaching for leadership development and the improvement of people management skills comes in to play. Executive coaching from Inspiring Potential comes in the form of a series of one on one telephone conversations, geared towards raising an individual’s self awareness and their performance in the workplace. These conversations enable the individual to tap into their inner strengths and reveal their true potential.

Through the development of effective leadership and improved people management or interpersonal skills, Inspiring Potential can bring out the best in your executive management team. We have worked with everyone from CEO's to Business Owners and Directors to Senior Managers and our approach gets results. We help individuals to develop their leadership skills, raise performance levels in themselves and their teams, manage their stress levels, build self confidence, improve their managerial style and resolve intra-office conflicts. We also help senior management to deal with taking on new job roles and deal with redundancy issues on both sides of the boardroom table.

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Leadership development

The most effective way of improving a company’s performance is to improve the interpersonal skills of the company’s executives. The business leadership training provided by Inspiring Potential, is specifically targeted at company executives to improve their leadership skills which will in turn, lead to improved productivity from the work force and increased profits for the business as a whole.

It is difficult however, to achieve this without the trust and support of your subordinates. You can feel ostracized, unable to gain valuable insight into what’s actually going on, on the ground or at the levels beneath you. Our training methods give you the tools you need to be able to acquire the trust and support of your work force and turn them into a dynamic, highly focussed and motivated team that are working together, with you, toward your common goals.

This new form of business leadership, leadership through emotion, is what is being demanded in today’s working society and companies that have embraced this philosophy are far outstripping their competitors, not only in terms of production and performance but also in terms of staff morale and retention.

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People Management

Great people management or interpersonal skills are vital to the success of any company. Effective people managers bring out the best in their co-workers – and create a vibrant and productive work space that is both inspirational and nurturing.

However many of today's managers have been promoted from within and just because someone is good at their job or they are a time-served member of staff, does not mean that they will necessarily make a good manager of people. In fact, in practice many of them don’t.

Great people managers are very different to great employees. In many cases they have an entirely different skill set. Sure, it helps it they’ve done the job themselves and know about the company structures but this inside knowledge can be picked up quite quickly. The extra knowledge and motivational people skills can’t be picked up in house, but they can be taught.

The effects of poor people management can be extremely damaging to the performance of your workforce and its morale and a workforce with low morale is one that is not operating to the best of its ability. If your members of staff are not listened to or allowed to communicate their ideas, they won’t feel valued and staff that don’t feel valued end up leaving the company. A high turnover of staff leads to the company spending large sums of money on recruitment drives and training.

Also, a manager who has “earned” their promotion could be compromising your business growth by refusing to recognise and tap into other talents that exist on your payroll for fear of losing the position they have worked for such a long time to achieve.

Our executive coaching packages are extremely effective in assisting managers to refine their people management skills. Through a series of confidential, one to one sessions, a manager can identify and 'own' their problems in this area, receive sufficient motivation to change their behaviour, experiment with trying out new ways of managing and improve their emotional intelligence.

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