Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coaching your team to success

Coaching your team to success

In times like these, people feel uncertain and they need to re-build trust and re-engage with the organization. The uncertainty in the economy, political situation and work is causing stress and people to shut down, put their head down, and do the work until the storm passes. The problem is that people are stressed, not working at the fullest potential, and trying to stay under the radar and playing safe.

For people to re-engage and trust they need to feel valued and appreciated, they need managers and leaders to coach them and lead the way.

A CIPD survey on coaching last year reported that 80% of the companies are using coaching, and 63% is done by line managers, supported by professional coaches.

So how could you inspire your team to perform better? In uncertain times, people increase controls, and effectiveness measure forgetting the relationship building. History shows that focussing solely on effectiveness works only for a little while, as stress increases and therefore problems like absenteeism, and turnover increase.

Coaching is a core management competency that can help you improve effectiveness and morale in your team. You can help your team feel valued, and re-engaged into what they do. Here are some tips:

· Start any conversation by agreeing the outcome, what does the other person want to get out of the conversation

· Help the people in your team develop their own insights and awareness by asking them questions. You know how it feels to be told what to do, without being asked for your opinion or input, it’s safe but disempowering. It stops the creative process of the person doing the job being innovative to to come up with new ways of solving problems.

· Listen with curiosity to what your team has to say. Ask questions instead of solely directing them. Next time one of the people in your team asks you a questions, ask them first what they think, and what would they do?

· They probably know what they need to achieve what they want, ask them?

· Help them create an SMART action plan to achieve it.

By introducing coaching as a management competency in your organization, you start creating a culture of empowerment and employee engagement.

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